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We are very happy working with the students from the Merritt Security Program. They are well prepared and we were able to put them into productive roles within our organization. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is building their security team.

Julie Cullivan
EVP Business Operations and CIO

Since the program's inception we've hired two Merritt College security students for internships at Wente Family Estates. Both students were very knowledgeable on current security fundamentals and able to hit the ground running in support of our penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and user awareness training programs. Both students were hired by other companies before the end of their internships which is a strong testament to the education they’re receiving and to the career readiness support the Merritt program administrators are providing to the students. I will continue to look to the Merritt College security program to find qualified security professionals.

Shokie Lopez
SVP, Information Technology
Wente Family Estates

Babatunde is an expert at finding security holes in your infrastructure and then telling you simply how to fix them. His work ethic, time management and communication skills are excellent. He also has the ability to fill those holes quickly and efficiently. If I had an opening for an IT security expert, I would hire him in a heartbeat!

Carl Drinkwater
Exec. Director, Information Technology

Hamid helped us quite a bit in completing various security projects during his internship at Shorenstein. He was a great asset, helping with research, analysis and documentation. He was also a pleasure to work with and we would have hired him if we had a position available.

Stuart Appley
Chief Information Officer, SVP
Shorenstein Realty Services

Jonathan is an awesome guy. He has the can do, positive attitude that makes for a great IT resource. Will take on any job, and run with it.

Karl Mosgofian
Vice President, CIO

Efficient and detail oriented is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Merritt interns and their security program. Students have developed great ability to understand our security issues, in spite of their limited experience. Our team has worked with them on complex application security testing. We were successful because their instructor’s leadership and involvement too. They guided us and students with their creative thought process and wisdom. Merritt’s program is highly effective and I will highly recommend this program and their students.

Sanjiv Goyal
CEO at Droisys Inc

We were happy to sponsor one of the Merritt Security Interns at Docusign and very happy with the results. They are well trained and able to quickly become productive within our environment. We highly recommend the program and their students.

Eric Johnson
Docusign CIO

Our intern from this great Merritt College program was a great help to our Information Security department at the same time that he learned how an active bank Information Security program really works. He got to see, and helped out with, a broad range of security operations and projects. The program prepared him well to help us, while I hope his experience helped round out the program for him!

Jeffrey L. Javits
Chief Information Officer, Fremont Bank